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In August 2012, tennis et jupe undertake the national "twelfth five-year" science and technology support plan and the national public security emergency equipment research manufacturing project, and the ice breaking machine researched by national defense scientific research units and Shandong university has already delivered to the military, tested successfully in Baotou along the Yellow River. It realized batch production in 2014.,daffa bet

Scientific research project
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“Shandong university- tennis et jupe high-tech industrial park” is invested 3 billion yuan ,and has entered the implementation stage. The amphibious ice breaking machine, wave power, mobile water treatment truck and other military products, high advanced mining equipment, carbon fiber materials and other high-tech products will be produced in the new park.,cricket cda id

Scientific research base
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blackjack dealing,tennis et jupe Group have 198 offices in China and 56 overseas offices all over the world, and take part in the national exhibition for 109 times.

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