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Treating Basketball Injuries | IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute

Initially, you can ice the injury once an hour for 15 minutes and decrease the ice-intervals as time goes by. Treat ice like any other pain reliever – take it in small doses through the day. In addition, ice can control swelling, which is key to treating these injuries.

Basketball Injuries | Basketball Injury Prevention & Treatment

HOW ARE BASKETBALL INJURIES TREATED? Ankle Sprains. Treatment for an ankle sprain involves rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE). The need for X-rays... Jammed Fingers. Jammed fingers occur when the ball contacts the end of the finger and causes significant swelling of a... Knee Injuries. ...

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Treatments For Common Basketball Injuries | Ivy Rehab

Treatments For Common Basketball Injuries Common Basketball Injuries. What are the most common basketball injuries, how can you differentiate each injury, and... Ankle Sprain. This common injury often happens if a player rolls or twists their ankle the wrong way, damaging the... Achilles Tendonitis. ...

Preventing and Treating Basketball Injuries

Head and face wounds often occur due to a direct blow from another player. The eyes, mouth, chin and nose are easy to injure. Head and face wounds bleed a lot. Apply direct pressure to the site of the injury to control the bleeding.

Basketball Injuries, Treatment And Prevention - The Hoop Doctors

Knee, wrist and hand injuries are also common, as basketball is a high contact sport. Treatment for injuries to extremities may include icing the affected area, immobilization using a splint or cast, anti-inflammatory drugs, and physical therapy.

5 Common Basketball Injuries and Treatment - Pain Resource

5 Common Basketball Injuries and Treatment - Pain Resource. Search. Chronic Pain. Pain A-Z. Conditions and Illnesses. Chronic Pain. General Wellness. Covid-19. Covid-19.

Basketball Injuries: Prevention & Training Tips | UPMC

Focus on: Strength-training squats. Plyometrics. Jumping drills. Drills that improve your ability to move well on the court.

Common Basketball Injuries and their Treatment

Any of these knee injuries comes from the special torque that comes from the twisting and jumping during basketball. The sprain is a small tear in the ligaments of the knee. Generally, immobilizing, ice and ibuprofen will reduce the swelling–the knee will need to be weight-free for up to three weeks.